Poppy Seed Tree is an ongoing project that is taking on new forms each day. It began as the name of my plush doll line and has since grown to include raw food, murals, photography, design and custom cakes. It has become an art collective made of up myself, Meredith Frantz, Dustin Kellogg, and Christian Frantz. Each of us brings a unique element to the tree. The Poppy Seed Tree is a space of creation and openness. Everything we create starts with a single seed from the poppy seed tree.

We all carry with us the seed of creation and enlightenment. If you love and nurture this seed anything is possible. Seeds of love and light will be planted in your own life, and will allow you to grow into anything and everything.

the creatures on our earth,
and all the worlds in between,
every thought,
every person,
each song and each sea,
starts with a seed from the
poppy seed tree.

I do custom orders and would love to answer any questions, just contact me!

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